Bison ate my car -

Bison Ate My Car!

It was crunchy!

About this LJ ...
Bison ate my car -

Ok, so here's the deal. the History of this LJ accountCollapse )

So basically if you didn't want to read all of that stuff under the cut tag I'll cut to the chase. This LJ, bison_ate_mycar is going to the home of all of my graphics, photography, brushes, gradients, color swatches, textures and other various visuals.

Please Note* - rules are posted in my user information. Please read and take notice.

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ETA: I AM PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE MY FIRST AFFILIATE! januaried - her icons and graphics rock so go check out her work. :D

RESOURCES POST (Mostly a placeholder for now)
Bison ate my car -
As of right now ...

(Note: This is a work in progress and is by no means everything yet. But hopefully in the next week or so I will have it finished.)

BRUSHES Collapse )

Stock PhotographyCollapse )

FONTSCollapse )


Hopefully I can get all of my files organizes and complete this list very soon! :) Annnnd I'm going to have more icons to post probably tomorrow or the following day. Plus? Illustrator brushes! Yay!

Continuation of the John Hughes icon sets ...
Bison ate my car -
This began with my post of The Breakfast Club icons and continues now with some Sixteen Candles icons! AKA I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek! Samples: Hot stuff GIF Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Quite a few more under the cut - click, clickCollapse )

That's it for now with 16 Candles. If you are scratching your head going, "WTF WHERE IS JAKE RYAN?" Don't worry - I have a whole SET of Jake Ryan icons planned. Why? Because, JAKE RYAN IS LOVE!! No really - Real Men Can't Hold a Match To Jake Ryan ;D According to the Urban Dictionary the very term 'Jake Ryan' = the perfect boyfriend. I felt as such he deserved his very own entry. *hearts for Jake Ryan* Woooo. :D Also, I had a request for "Farmer Ted - King of the Geeks' icons - and really, I couldn't refuse because Farmer Ted cracks my shit up. XD

AND ... I know this isn't John Hughes but these M*A*S*H icons have been on my hard drive forever and it's time to post them!

Suicide is painless ... In other words they"re under this cut!Collapse )

Disclaimer and all of that stuffCollapse )

The Breakfast Club
Gilbert Blythe
Been a while since I last posted, hasn't it? Sorry about that. I come with icons!

In honor of John Hughes' passing I'm doing a series of icons for some of his movies.

This batch is of the Breakfast Club!

Don"t you forget about me!Collapse )

If you're wondering why there aren't more Molly Ringwald icons in that set - it wasn't intentional it just sort of happened that way. However, my next John Hughes batch will be of Sixteen Candles so I promise there will be lots of icons of her in that!

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Tutorial - print resolution sizes
Bison ate my car -
I'm working on a larger tutorial on how to make a collage in photoshop when it occurred to me that a quick tutorial on image size might be beneficial so here goes ...

This is done with Photoshop CS3 - I'm not too familiar with other programs though I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to convert this to them. (At least I hope not!)

CLICK FOR TUTORIAL - two large images under this cut tagCollapse )

If you have any questions let me know! I hope this helps!

Icons: Harry Potter and M*A*S*H
Gilbert Blythe
I made some Half Blood Prince icons from some of the pics found on hbpmoviepics.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The rest are under the cut: Icons of Draco, Ron, Hermione, Lavender, Molly, Harry, and more LunaCollapse )

Now for more M*A*S*H icons. These were made as I did some more of my re watch.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

MOAR icons under the cutCollapse )


Icons: M*A*S*H, Smallville and a few misc. icons as well.
Anne and Diana
Been a while, yeah? Well, I come bearing icons.

I've been doing a rewatch of the show and making occasional icons as I do so ... 82 M*A*S*H icons. Whoa.

Here's a preview of some:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A LOT MORE UNDER THE CUT - CLICKY CLICKY - including a whole set of what would "this character" say? icons ... Collapse )

And a few Smallville icons to go with them ...

One Oliver Queen icon, four Clark Kent icons and one Clois iconCollapse )

A few misc. icons to round the whole thing out - One Merlin, one Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, two Trek icons and two friends locked post graphicsCollapse )

Obligatory rules graphicCollapse )

Next up - more M*A*S*H icons, Anne Shirley icons and januaried has requested Indiana Jones icons and who am I to let her down? ;) (*Because looking at Harrison Ford is such a chore and all. *grins*)

ETA: If you saw this un-cut on your flist a few minutes ago I apologize. I had to delete the post and start over because I somehow messed up a code which resulted in about three pages of random code all over the post - and probably messed up some flist pages bigtime. Eeek. I am sorry!

This and that ...
Bison ate my car -
A few things -

1.) If you'd like to affiliate with me please let me know! I'd be pleased to have some affiliates.

2.) I've set up a twitter account to coincide with this LJ as well as to keep track of of various people in the graphic design industry - and some of my favorite celebrities as well. ;) Feel free to add me if you're interested:

3.) I have several projects I'm working on and hope to be posting some of them in the following week. It's my Spring Break (yay!) so I expect an overload of postings in the next week or so.

4.) ashavah I'm almost finished with your doggie's magazine cover. Weee! ladyguenivere your dog is next. :D

5.) I now have a resource post! It's a work in progress and I still need to update some of the URLs. I hope to have the list completed in the next few days.

6.) I've been considering some sort of graphic design community where those of us who are interested in learning more can participate and encourage each other. I'm not sure exactly how it would work - my early idea was to post 'assignments' and have people submit our work but I don't know if I care for the idea of being 'graded' as it were. How would some of you feel about that? Maybe it could be a place to post tutorials, questions, and that sort of thing? I know there is already icon_tutorial but I'm not crazy about that community as a lot of the tutorials lately haven't been very good AND I would like to encourage tutorials for things other than icons. (Not that icon tutorials wouldn't be allowed because they SO would - I just don't want to limit it to icons only.) My last thought regarding this is that it would be a smallish community - perhaps with a limited number of members. Not to be exclusive (heavens no!) but to really get a chance to know our fellow members and that sort of thing. If anyone has ideas or thoughts about this - please lay them on me!

I think that's enough rambling for now. Ciao!

Stop and smell the flowers.
Bison ate my car -

I"m going to post this here and hope that it shows up. It's a slide show that was done in iPhoto for a class project. For some reason that I don't understand the music doesn't fully embed - there were two pieces of music to accompany the images but only one of them seems to be playing - though in the actual file both play.

Despite the fact that iPhoto is a relatively easy bit of software this took forever to finish due to the fact that it's almost too simple of a software. I couldn't change things I wanted to change and finally just gave up. So all of the images are at iPhoto's default settings and I couldn't fix the automatic cropping on some of them. Shame but ... oh well ... Heh.

When we showed this slideshow in class some of the guys in there were like, "dude. I had no idea there were that many flowers on campus." Heh. That was one of our objectives - to encourage people to notice the beauty that is all around us. :)

ETA: I almost forgot - special thanks to htbthomas for introducing me to the site where you can get free downloads to royalty free classical music tracks. :D

My Phoebers is a Cover Girl! :D
Anne and Diana
Magazine assignment in which da Phoebers is a cover girl!

Under the cut - it"s a large imageCollapse )

Now for my offer:

I saved the InDesign file as a template sooo ... I'm going to offer to make a cover for the first person who asks for one with a pic of their own dog. It will take about a week to do (I do have projects to finish first) and I'll need you to send me a high-res pic of your dog. I will then send you the embedded file in a high res PDF file so you can have it printed and also a low res file (in whatever format you prefer be it a jpg, a tiff, or a pdf - just let me know) so you can upload it online somewhere if you wish. :) (Also if you have any preferences for captions tell me that too.)

ETA # 3 This offer is closed! :)

I still have another magazine cover to do for this class but that's not finished yet.

P.S. Disclaimer: Bark is a real magazine - check out - the letterhead logo belongs to them. I just re-created it in InDesign and this project is being used for school and I make no profit from it.

Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea LJ icons
Anne and Diana
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

MOAR - Click to see moreCollapse )

Heh, I was trying to think of the perfect caption for that last one - Marilla's expression is awesome! But the right caption wasn't coming to me - if anyone has ideas lay them on me.

These aren't the last of the Anne icons - I have quite a few screencaps courtesy of Screencap Heaven and plans to make more. If you have some Anne requests lay them on me and I'll see what I can do.

Rules and DisclaimerCollapse )

Bison ate my car -
Lots of pictures - whoa. This is the first time I've logged into this account in two and a half years and I discovered the 'load entry' feature still works. Evidently I was going to load a bunch of pics of Yellowstone and for some reason never posted them - and yet LJ saved that text for me! OMG

Well, here they are if anyone's interested. LOL I took them sometime in 2006 so ... yeah.

The Tetons ... camera phone pics which means low quality. Don"t expect much - they"re all very low quality.Collapse )

Some ElkCollapse )

I actually logged in for a reason - I'm thinking about converting this journal to a graphics/photography only LJ. If you're not interested in any of that feel free to defriend it. I won't be upset or anything. I'm most likely going to be posting a lot of icons privately in the next couple of days -and then C&P all of my photo entries from my other LJ onto here - then once I get it all nice and pretty make the whole thing public.

Er. I guess that's it for now. LOL (And I seriously need to get new icons for this thing. LOL)

Holiday Icons 2008
Bison ate my car -
Some Holiday Icons!
1.) Photobucket 2.) Photobucket 3.) Photobucket 4.) Photobucket 5.) Photobucket 6.) Photobucket 7.) Photobucket 8.) Photobucket 9.) Photobucket 10.) Photobucket 11.) Photobucket 12.) Photobucket 13.) Photobucket 14.) Photobucket

*As always please credit either bison_ate_mycar or chickadilly. Thank you. :)

* (Note - these icons were originally posted on 12/09/08 and will be back posted here for that date.)

Various Movie and TV icons
Bison ate my car -

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Harry Potter

Photobucket Photobucket I am with you Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

the rest are under the cut - shipping and general HP icons under the cutCollapse )

**Note - I don't know the dates for a lot of these Harry Potter icons. Many of them are quite old and were made anytime between 2004 and 2008. The majority of the Smallville icons (save for the S7 images) were posted in early Dec. 2008.)


Twilight Snarkage, Firefly, and Indiana Jones icons
Bison ate my car -
Some icons. :) (These were originally uploaded on my other LJ in early 2008 and so this entry will be backdated as such.

Twilight Snark:

1.) Photobucket 2.) Photobucket 3.) Photobucket 4.) Photobucket

Indiana Jones:

1.) Photobucket 2.)Photobucket 3.)Photobucket 4.)Photobucket

The rest are under the cutCollapse )


1.) Photobucket, 2.) Photobucket, 3.) Photobucket,

The rest are under the cut tagCollapse )


Lots of stuff ...
Bison ate my car -
So the woman who died the other night on the road from Mammoth Hot Springs to Gardiner, MT died because she and her boyfriend were drunk. Read more...Collapse )

Things here are so quiet now. Read more...Collapse )

Many people seem to be hitting animals lately with their cars. Read more...Collapse )

The elk are in the middle of rutting season. I've seen (and heard) a few bulls 'bugling' (from here: one of the more unusual sounds in the wilderness, called "bugling," which is a mating phenomenon. You will hear bull elk bugling in autumn as they compete with other males for dominance during rutting season. Look for male elk and their harems of cows (female elk) at Gibbon Meadows, Elk Park and Lamar Valley during the summer. The park's summer elk herd is estimated at 30,000.) and they all seem to congregate up at Mammoth. The few bulls look so proud of themselves to be surrounded by all the females too!

Ok I'm rambling. I'll shut up. Here. Have some pics!


That's all I have for now. I HOPE to be able to post some pics I took with my good camera soon. I have some prints back and some of them turned out quite nice. Some of them SUCK but there are ones I would like to show. I just have to find time to get the pics on my computer.

I hope no one is bored with these postings. *is paranoid*

Pic Spam
Bison ate my car -
It's been quite a while since I updated this journal, hasn't it?

Things in Yellowstone have really become quiet as most school kids are back in class. I'd say half of our employees are gone now as well. Another month and I'll be gone as well. It's gotten quite chilly in the evenings and they're predicting the first snowfall is just around the corner. Brr!

In the meantime I've some pictures ... as always they're taken with a lousy camera phone so the quality isn't great. Hopefully this time next week I will have SOME higher quality pictures to share because I finally dropped off some film in town and I should be able to pick them up sometime after payday.

In the meantime, however ... There are these photos ... CLICKY HERE to see "em!Collapse )

That's enough for now. Hopefully soon I'll have some real pics to share! XD

Pic Spam!!!
Bison ate my car -
It's been a long time since I spammed with pictures. As always they're crappy camera phone images so don't expect great masterpieces.

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS as they are under the cut tag!Collapse )

Making a seperate cut tag for this -- they're DINOSAUR PICS! CLICK HERECollapse )

Pretty cool, eh? :D Again not the greatest camera quality pics but it's still fun to share the pics anyway. *lesighs* SOMEDAY I really WILL get all of my ten billion rolls of film developed!

Pic Post
Bison ate my car -
Pic Spam!

Old Faithful Goes offCollapse )

Well, I gotta go - was going to post MORE pics of Dinosaurs and stuff but my very nosy co-worker just got back and I don't want him to wonder what my LJ is ... am leaving the office now. LOL Maybe more later.


Bison ate someone else's car ... the Live journal sequel.
Bison ate my car -

Well, not quite but I couldn't help thinking that when I had to dispatch a call to get a tow out to some poor woman who hit one head on. Totalled her car completely.

The Bison walked away.


Told you, those suckers are HUGE. I told her she was actually lucky because if it had been a moose or an elk she probably would have had to ... uh ... clean up ... as it were.

She said she didn't feel very lucky. Heh. Can't blame her.

*knocks on wood* God, I hope that doesn't happen to me!

Randomly, everytime I see a bison I have this uncontrollable urge to watch Dances With Wolves again ... ;D

Some of you have already seen this post ... feel free to ignore! ;D

I'm going to try and post some more pics tomorrow afternoon!

Bison ate my car -

As always these are just some crappy cell phone camera pics. LOL These are mostly from Virigina City, a really cool ghost town I went to on my days off earlier in the week.

Under the Cut Tag!Collapse )

some other pics I took that day ... Collapse )

I'll probably repost some of my other pics sooner or later, too. But not now - I'm in the office and as I've been here since 7am I'm ready to take off. LOL


PS. my default icon looks so crappy on this work computer. It doesn't look too bad on the iMac ... but the iMac is very old so the monitor makes everything look very very dark. Hmmm ... Oh well. Ignore it, I guess. LOL

My day
Bison ate my car -
Today was a fun day!

Wasn't quite sure what to do this morning. Had contemplated going down to Old Faithful because I haven't really spent much time in the geysur areas yet but once I got past Norris Junction I decided I didn't want to go down there. The northern part of Yellowstone was really crowded and I just wasn't in the mood for Old Faithful's crowds.

Soo ... totally on a whim I drove out past this place called Earthquake Lake which really is very pretty. I took quite a few photos of the area - when I get a chance I'll upload the camera phone ones. Who knows when I'll get the film ones developed - I still have pics from last summer in Alaska to develop! Heh.

Then I went to the Visitor Center there and watched a movie about the history of the quake. They have this map of quakes in the US - all of California is covered with dots of quakes but interestingly enough San Diego isn't nearly as covered as the rest of the state. I've heard many times from the local media that SD is 'lucky' regarding that so it was kinda neat to see it confirmed. (Though that obviously means nothing if Mother Nature decides to strike someday!)

Then I remembered a place one of my co-workers told me to check out, Virginia City so I drove over there. Took a tour around the little town and learned a bit about the history. It reminds me a bit of San Diego's Old Town only without the Spanish flair - or the margaritas! ;-) (In fact I went into the candy shop to discover it's the same exact one that is in SD's Old Town!)

I also discovered they have a ghost tour at night. Anyone that knows me knows I'm up for that. But not today - didn't have hotel reservations and it's a long drive back!

On the way to Virginia City one has to go through the town of Ennis ... a very pretty town. (The name made me giggle for reasons that should be apparent to some of you! ;-)

Annnd, that was my day!

Edit: Note to self: Next time remember the sunscreen.


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